vision8At this day in age with the cross pollination of social media networks and global enterprise; I developed a passion for assisting people create their own legacies, and in so doing, will create my own. Given that money is likely one of, if not, the most dispassionate thing in the world, it is now about providing access and unique experiences at the highest level through social capital and streamlined processes on an international level. Without question, money is extremely important but one of my greatest goals is to heighten the level of accessibility for individuals and families and provide them with a concierge style service spanning a wide array of industries and sectors all housed in a user-friendly design-savvy simplistic, yet intelligent, international marketing platform(s) which specially target and engage with the most sought after demographics around the globe.


Hence, the creation of Legacy Luxury Lifestyle and its’ subsidiaries, Uptown Luxury Lifestyle Inc., Shang Cheng Luxury Lifestyle Inc., Prestige Luxury Lifestyle Inc. and other international marketing platforms currently in development for specific key markets. Each of these platforms have been created to assist people connect with one another and showcase their various professional services and value propositions so that they may create their own legacies.


vision1My mission is to create the most comprehensive, dynamic and holistic international “gateway” marketing platforms which specifically showcases luxury real estate and lifestyle opportunities, in select key markets, in the entire world. Given my passion for real estate, luxury lifestyle, global connectivity and an appreciation for simplicity and ease of accessibility; I became focused on providing like-minded long-term thinking professionals and companies with access to the most sought after target demographics on the planet in the most streamlined and user-friend way possible.


In order to gain the critical mass of members from across multiple sectors, I wanted to establish a group of companies and an overarching brand that specifically focuses on generating leads and attracting international ultra-high-net worth individuals from specific key markets which include Mainland China, India, Russia, Latin America and the rest of the English speaking world. It is with these scalable platform(s) that I wanted to move into other languages, cultures and currencies while building specific aspects which enable members to connect with other fellow members in the vision2backend of the site(s) thereby establishing strategic alliances and professional levels of support for international clientele. This includes the ability to connect with individuals and corporations throughout various aspects of the site. They are as follows: Real Estate Professionals, Real Estate Brokerages, Developments, Affiliates (professionals) and Luxury Lifestyle (corporations) companies. The overarching goals was to create sections where international real estate agents, real estate brokerages, mortgages specialists, wealth management advisors, private bankers, financial institutions, private schools, luxury automobile dealers, spas, Luxury hotels, fine dining, private shoppers as well as residential, commercial and exclusive real estate listings and investment opportunities may all be showcased in individually branded platforms.


vision7The goal is to establish seamless networks of top professionals, companies and brands under individual “gateway” platforms which has a sophisticated design savvy concierge style level of functionality online. It would be through these key market platforms that one could showcase themselves and brand throughout the world in the most professional way possible while being associated with one of the most comprehensive and “holistic” marketing platforms ever designed. In addition, I wanted to create ever-expanding global networks which would be in line with the scope, scale and depth of my global vision so that I may also begin to coordinate Legacy Luxury Lifestyle International Voyages on luxury cruise lines for members to assist them in bringing their virtual connections around the world with a physical presence thereby showing their level of commitment.


In addition, I wanted to create individually branded portals or micro-sites which present the professional at the core, or nucleus, at the luxury level and or upper tier in each of their local markets. Furthermore, I wanted to establish specific luxury brands in critical key markets so that individuals and or families visiting the site(s) may have a resources of like-minded service driven professionals to draw upon for any of their real estate, lifestyle and investment goals. Given my career in real estate and vision for what a platform of this nature could do for the real estate industry as a whole, I was determined to establish a strategic alliance with the largest real estate brands in the world in addition to compiling one of the most significant databases of real estate professionals around the globe.


vision3It was through the initial phase of development of the first platform, Shang Cheng Luxury Lifestyle, that I wanted to create a venture where the backbone was real estate oriented while still creating the space for all of the additional aspects of luxury lifestyle around it. I initially described it as “luxury lifestyle set against the backdrop of luxury real estate” but it has expanded enormously since that initial concept given that I have added some amazing differentiating factors to all of the platforms including one of the very first translated commercial and residential reciprocity systems, Affiliates, Luxury Lifestyle and Developments sections all with a combined level of connectivity which has yet to be established to date.


I personally believe that all business is deeply rooted in the client relationship and in the experience that the client has no matter what the dealings and or transaction might be. It was from this place that I wanted to create something very special and unique. I envisioned select professionals being able to showcase themselves with their key affiliates as a way of providing international clients with a sense of trust and immediate legitimacy. A trust where they may have the opportunity to directly engage with the experts in their respected fields, and language, regardless of which sector they may be looking for either services and or assets in. I wanted to create beautiful streamlined and fashion-forward designed platforms inspired by understated elegance and simplicity where individuals, companies and brands may be collectively associated with an overarching luxury brand. A luxury oriented brand all unto itself through the inclusion of other well respected brands around the globe; thereby establishing each specifically branded marketing platform in a way that would be accepted by specific target demographics and cultures in each key market.


vision4As we all eventually come to realize, some sooner than others, life is short and one of my main goals was to establish global marketing programs and initiatives which help to streamline the process of creating the lifestyle of one’s dreams. Whatever that means for someone. It could be anything from looking for the best schools for your child or children to where to purchase the super car of your dreams you have always wanted. That and to create an extraordinary network of top individuals and companies from multiple countries and emerging markets which will form an ever-expanding global community and referral network as we continue to blur the lines of international boundaries and investment. It is without a doubt how the world is trending at a rapid rate and we are fast approaching a time where people may very easily acquire the life of their dreams through the use on social capital using online communities and platforms such as this given that it has yet to be presented in this way. In short, the “global village” is becoming far smaller than we ever imagined not to mention even more tech savvy and aggressive with regard to investing in other countries.


As we are exposed to technology and networks, I wanted to get back to trusted networks, albeit it in a digital way, for ease of use and global reach. I wanted to create platforms where people may showcase their social capital as a way of simplifying or streamlining international business and investment by supplying platforms and numerous marketing initiatives that promote visitors to directly connect with the top professionals in the world in the simplest way possible. With this in mind, it was extremely important to incorporate a significant level of connectivity to the ventures given how important it is to present ones various affiliates as a new way of showcasing not only ones company but all of the strong relationships that both companies and individuals have created to welcome international clients. I personally believe that this is just one of the many significant differentiating factors with regard to any of the Legacy Luxury Lifestyle marketing platforms as I wanted to present an old world style of referrals and their importance in international business in the most modern and forward thinking way possible.


vision11Legacy Luxury Lifestyle is an outer reflection of my inner beliefs about some of the most important words that I cherish. Words that I live my life by. It is a company based on core values such as integrity, honesty, professionalism, trust and loyalty. It is these core values that are at the heart of my parent company Legacy Luxury Lifestyle Inc., and why I needed to create not only this company but its subsidiaries. At the risk of sounding cliché, these global ventures are about helping people expand their horizons so that they may reach out and explore new markets as they showcase themselves at the forefront of their entire industries as the experts in their local region regardless of language or cultural differences. Although the companies have been branded as “luxury lifestyle”, I always communicate that this can mean so many different things to so many people. For me, it goes far beyond the superficial and or vision5materialistic which are very natural connotations that I felt challenged by at times. It is about luxury in many other forms including a sense of freedom. Freedom from stress, financial strain, boundaries whether physical, mental and or emotional. To have the luxury to explore all that life has to offer in any way that one is able. Luxury to some is so vastly different than to others. To some the greatest luxury in the world is to breath fresh clean air. For others, it may mean sitting on the bow of your mega-yacht contemplating your next IPO. And it is for this reason that I love setting the words luxury and lifestyle against one another given that they provide such breadth and can represent something quite personal on a much deeper level.


vision6As per lifestyle, I have discovered that people find themselves searching outside of themselves for what is fundamentally within. And it is typically, or most often, disguised as lifestyle. When you look at real estate and what a piece of real estate and or design may represent, it is completely rooted in lifestyle. To set these two words amongst one another, for me, equates to an overarching macro mind-set with regard to having the freedom to being able to dream and live the style of life that one desires most. In my mind, Legacy Luxury Lifestyle represents a never ending path to a better life at any phase of life.


As mentioned previously, loyalty is one of the significant pillars of my ventures, and ultimately my life, and global vision. I am, by nature, an extremely loyal person and I wanted this reflected throughout my member oriented international marketing platforms. It is extremely important to me that my companies maintain an almost “old world” or traditional mindset so to speak and I am dedicated to maintaining this throughout their growth and success. With this in mind, any of the professionals and or companies that embrace any of the key market platforms will be represented based on loyalty. This is specifically represented in how members, individual or otherwise, are showcased in the various directories. The early adopters will benefit from being showcased at the top of the various directories not to mention priority will be given to those who fully embrace the vision and ventures as I continue to expand into other key markets around the globe. Thereby providing them with first opportunity to secure their position on emerging platforms which are already in development as Legacy expands.


vision10Furthermore, I have also introduced a significant feature to the marketing platforms which is a massive differentiating factor in the real estate industry, specifically. I had always felt that professionals completely lacked a platform where they may showcase how valuable they are from a social capital or support system standpoint when it came to international clientele as they require such a significant level of support in a variety of ways including lending, real estate, education and healthcare. Hence, using the term “holistic” in the site(s) tagline description. Not unlike Legacy, this word alone has many connotations but it stems from the Greek word, holos, which means all or whole. Member real estate agents will now be able to take a full comprehensive approach to experiential real estate while being able to refer to their member strategic alliances to create seamless international transactions while creating memorable experiences which will foster trust and ultimately long term sources of referral business.


It is for this very reason that I wanted to ensure that I created platforms where professionals are encouraged to showcase themselves as the experts in their region and or country. And in doing so, have the ability to present their trusted networks and strategic alliances as a way of promoting their depth of experience and market knowledge. Each professional has their own portal in each of the gateway platforms and I always highly recommend members to leverage the platforms and market themselves locally as their own gateway to international marketing. In addition, I also encourage members to reach out to select individuals and companies in their local region so that they may begin to cross-pollinate sources of leads and encourage a like-minded forward thinking approach to expanding their respective businesses on an international level. I do not know of any other platforms in the marketplace that takes such a comprehensive approach to supporting international clients. Hence, members will be able to position themselves at the forefront of their entire industries so that they may assist these specific target demographics with all of the aspects and nuances of their lifestyle needs both prior and during the global transaction.


vision9All of my ventures are based on trust. Not unlike time, you will never get it back if lost. It is one of the most fragile things in the world and I consider my ventures an extension of my trust and the encouragement of others to trust. I want people who visit and explore each of my ventures to feel that they will be able to trust those who are showcased on the sites. It is critical that anyone on the site understands how important trust is and that it should never be broken for whatever reason. I have established significant alliances with some of the largest brands on the planet because they trust that I will maintain the integrity of the platforms. The global networks that are created will be based on an international sense of trust. Anyone who is told about my ventures will be introduced to them because of a level of trust. Professionals will encourage other professionals to become part of their ever-expanding networks because of this extremely important aspect of the ventures. Individuals and families will explore new worlds and lifestyles because they will know that they may trust the people and companies they choose to work with because they have presented themselves and their professional support networks in a transparent way. This concept is an extremely special one because it will attract the experts and companies who have the confidence, knowledge and reputation for being the very best in their respected fields. These programs will represent new sources of referrals and business all over the world because professionals and companies will hold trust in the highest regard as they collaborate with one another as they uphold “best practices” in each of the industries that they are representing. It will be through great seamless experiences and transactions that I am confident people will become members and evangelists for the programs and increase the amount of reoccurring referral business around the world.