Real Estate Brokerages
brokerage1 Your Exclusive Brokerage Introduction

Position your brokerage at the forefront of the entire real estate industry by showcasing your brokerage, Member agents and select listings on this innovative platform in select key markets around the world.

  • Market your real estate brokerage internationally
  • Showcase your brand in select key markets
  • Display brokerage logo
  • Present your office contact information
  • Direct inquiry form link to your brokerage email
  • Specific key market contact information
  • Design custom URL
  • Link to your brokerage’s website
  • Showcase your brokerage’s international social media platforms
  • Professional introduction in multiple languages based on key markets
  • Access optional professional translation services
  • Custom design your introduction page with local and lifestyle imagery
  • Ability to manage your tabs and customize your portal placement in member directories
  • Showcase your brokerage’s awards and designations

Showcase Your Member Real Estate Agents

Leverage these international marketing platforms to attract and retain top producing real estate agents to your specific office and brand.

  • Automatically present member real estate agents from you brokerage in your agent directory
  • Leverage these comprehensive international marketing platforms to expand your marketshare
  • Provide your member agents with additional exposure through your brokerage portal and various directors
  • Lead by example and inspire your real estate agents to think on a global basis so that they may ideally position themselves for the world’s next generational shift in wealth
  • Attract international buyers and investors from select key markets to your region and office by presenting all that your brokerage and community has to offer

brokerage3 Exclusive Brokerage’s Listing Directory

Establish your brokerage as the top real estate office in your region and increase your company’s market share at the luxury level.

  • Showcase residential, commercial and exclusive listings submitted by member agents from your brokerage
  • Provide member agents with additional exposure for their personally submitted listings
  • Increase the level of exposure for your real estate agents and their submitted listings by becoming a select member brokerage
  • Increase marketshare by positioning your member real estate agents as the most forward thinking and innovative in the entire real estate industry
  • Present a diverse range of real estate and investment opportunities to international buyers who may be interested in your area and market
  • Leverage luxury listings to establish level of trust with international clients who may be looking to relocate to your region

Your Exclusive Development Connections

Expand your business and connect your brokerage with international and local developments to present a diverse range of opportunities to your agent’s clients.

  • Select exclusive developments for your portal
  • Showcase your development connections by type and location dynamically
  • Associating your brokerage with multiple international and local developments
  • Create potential international and local revenue opportunities
  • Position yourself as an international expert in new developments around the globe
  • Establish strategic alliances on an international and local basis with developers
  • Heighten your offering by positioning yourself as an expert in the pre-sale and luxury condo market on a global basis
  • Encourage member real estate agents to establish development marketing teams in your office and begin to expand your offices portfolio of investment opportunities

brokerage4 Your Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Connections

Reach out to your network at the upper tier and position your brokerage as the expert in your region. Connect with luxury lifestyle oriented members and provide your clients with the highest level of service and luxury lifestyle experiences.

  • Select exclusive luxury lifestyle member companies for your portal directory
  • Showcase your luxury lifestyle connections by type and location dynamically
  • Establish a trusted global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Create your international luxury lifestyle strategic alliances and potential referral networks
  • Establish a global network of top companies so that you may support and impress high-net-worth individuals, families and investors with lifestyle connections, opportunities and experiences on a global basis

Your Exclusive Professional Affiliates Connections

Exceed international client expectations by providing the most comprehensive level of service and expert advice through your brokerage’s trusted affiliates network.

  • Build your brokerage’s respected team of industry experts
  • Showcase your professional connections by type and location dynamically
  • Expand your global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Showcase brokerage at the leader at the luxury and international level
  • Increase your offices profile by reaching out to select professionals in your city
  • Position your brokerage as the top office in your region by providing a concierge style level of service for international clients
  • Be the first brokerage in your region to embrace the most comprehensive luxury lifestyle and real estate website in select key markets