Real Estate Agents
agent1 Your Exclusive Member Introduction

Position yourself at the forefront of the global real estate industry by showcasing yourself on this innovative platform in select key markets around the world.

  • Establish a multi-tiered commission structure by including these international key market platforms in your bespoke marketing systems
  • Expand your market share by leveraging the platforms in your listing presentations
  • Increase the number of exclusive residential and commercial listings in your portfolio by marketing properties in select key markets
  • International buyers and investors may search for your properties by multiple directories by price, location, type, real estate agent directories as well as real estate brokerage directories (assuming your brokerage is a member)
  • Professional headshot
  • Professional title
  • Display personal contact information
  • Direct inquiry form link to your email
  • List specific key market contact information
  • Link to your website
  • Custom designed URL
  • Custom branding – personal, company and team logo
  • Showcase personal international social media platforms
  • Develop a professional biography in multiple languages based on key markets
  • Access professional translation services
  • Display your various awards and designations
  • Design your own custom content introduction page
  • Ability to manage your tabs and customize your portal placement in member directories
  • Authorized use of the various key market platform logos in your marketing

Your Exclusive Featured Properties

Leverage these global marketing platforms in your listing presentations and increase your market share by attracting more residential, commercial and exclusive listings.

  • Showcase your residential, commercial and exclusive listings
  • Automatic currency conversion based on key markets
  • Dynamic menu systems based on location and property type
  • Multiple property search functionality (residential, commercial and select properties)
  • Numerous ways for your portal and listings to be located through various member directories
  • Automated translation for key property information
  • Listings automatically showcased in square feet and square meters based on key markets
  • Ability to upload unlimited property images at one time with sort functionality
  • Images may be cropped, touched-up, resized and enhanced
  • Upload multiple personally branded and or translated supporting documents
  • Showcase custom floor plans
  • Dynamic map and street view
  • Upload your logo to location pins which may point to your listing on the individual property maps
  • Virtual tours
  • Listings dynamically present property features, amenities and influences
  • Embed property and or community videos
  • Optional 500 English word professional translation services
  • No fixed-term for listings
  • Online support
  • Ability to download listing presentation marketing material in your member dashboard
  • User-friendly interface and listing upload system
  • Opportunity for your properties to be highlighted as a ‘Select Property’
  • Submitted listings may be showcased on numerous key market social media platforms

agent3 Your Exclusive Development Connections

Expand your business and connect yourself with international and local developments to present a diverse range of opportunities to your clients.

  • Select exclusive member developments for your portal
  • Associate yourself with multiple international and local developments
  • Create potential international and local referral opportunities
  • Position yourself as a real estate development expert around the globe
  • Provide international clients with multiple real estate investment opportunities for their portfolio(s)
  • Establish strategic alliances on an international and local basis with developers by introducing them to this platform
  • Choose to position yourself and future development opportunities by creating a development portal
  • Link your personal development portal to your developments directory
  • Heighten your profile by positioning yourself as an expert in the development pre-sale and luxury condo market around the globe
  • Build an internal development marketing team at your office and create advanced sales and investment opportunities for your select high-net-worth clientele

Your Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Connections

Reach out to your select network at the upper-tier and position yourself as the real estate expert in your region. Connect with luxury lifestyle members and provide your clients with the highest level of service and support and luxury lifestyle experiences.

  • Connect with exclusive luxury lifestyle member companies for your portal and provide your international clients with the highest, and most streamline, level of service and support
  • Showcase your luxury lifestyle connections by type and location dynamically
  • Establish a trusted global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Create your international luxury lifestyle directory
  • Provide your international clients with luxury lifestyle connections, opportunities and experiences that may go back for generations to come

agent4 Your Professional Affiliates Network

Exceed international client expectations by providing the most comprehensive level of service and expert advice through your trusted affiliates network.

  • Build your respected team of industry experts
  • Showcase your professional connections by type and location dynamically
  • Expand your global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Showcase yourself at the centre of your connections
  • Establish potential sources of referrals by drawing in select professionals to your international gateway marketing strategy
  • Become a member of an innovation and aggressive international marketing platform with an ever-expanding network of top professionals
  • Members will have the first opportunity to embrace additional key market international marketing platforms which are already in development for Russia, India and Latin America