Passion Statement



The word ‘legacy’ means so many different things to so many people.
For me, it is about helping others build their own legacies. I’ve created specific international marketing platforms in select key markets where clients all over the world may expand their vision and businesses through special levels of connectivity and global referral networks. I wanted to create a place where members may provide the highest levels of service and support to the most sought-after target demographics in the world. It is through these platforms that client members will be able to provide themselves with an even greater sense of expansion, accomplishment and success, thus enabling them to reach further to create legacies for themselves.
My motivation stems from wanting to provide international visitors with trusted global referral networks of top industry professionals, companies and brands to depend on as they embark on creating new legacies of their own all over the world. With this in mind, I felt compelled to create systems which will simplify, streamline and improve people’s lives for generations to come as we move through the next phase of technology and generational shift in wealth. One of my greatest goals is to heighten the level of accessibility for individuals and provide them with concierge-style ‘gateway’ platforms spanning an array of industries and sectors through user-friendly, design savvy and customized marketing platforms.
One of my strongest passions is to help people achieve their goals and accomplish their life missions. This is what inspired the creation of Legacy Luxury Lifestyle and its subsidiaries – Uptown Luxury Lifestyle Inc., Prestige Luxury Lifestyle Inc., Shang Cheng Luxury Lifestyle Inc., Shang Cheng (Beijing) International Consulting Co. Ltd. and other international marketing platforms in development for specific key markets. Each of these platforms have been created to assist people in connecting with one another while showcasing their various professional services and value propositions so that they may create their own legacies.
Connectivity and trust are at the very core of Legacy Luxury Lifestyle and all of its international marketing platforms. These digital programs will personify, localize and provide the gateway for each of the services, assets and lifestyles people aspire to attain. One of Legacy Luxury Lifestyle’s differentiating factors is its depth of connectivity as it will provide endless possibilities for individuals to position themselves at the forefront of their industries. Ultimately, it will provide a full comprehensive and holistic approach to luxury lifestyle set against the backdrop of real estate.
Legacy Luxury Lifestyle’s group of companies is my commitment to helping as many people around the world as possible live with passion, achieve their dreams and create their own legacies. Through these ventures, I will be fulfilling my goal of contributing to other people’s success and, in turn, build my own personal legacy.
Warmest regards,
James Upton
Founder, President & CEO
Legacy Luxury Lifestyle Inc. and its group of companies