seo SEO

  • Establish strategies for international key markets including specific search engine optimization
  • Develop inbound linking
  • Define keywords for multiple search engines for each key market (translated accordingly)
  • Track various search engines analytics and metrics
  • Develop article and media submissions with links from external sites
  • Participate and contribute in forums and groups to attract clients and like-minded members to increasing brand recognition and website traffic

cooperation Affiliate Marketing

  • Connect with highly-skilled experts
  • Associate with award-winning professionals and companies
  • Build global connectivity
  • Establish referral networks
  • Position members as the central hub at the luxury level and upper-tier
  • Increase international exposure around the globe regardless of primary local

socialmedia Social Media Marketing

  • Reach out to targeted clientele and members through numerous international social media platforms in select key markets
  • Increase overarching brand awareness through multiple ‘touch-points’ across international platforms
  • Drive ‘likes’, followers (follows), endorsements, sales and interest to members and brands
  • Nurture evangelists worldwide
  • Engage with international clients directly about member companies, brands and their high-levels of service
  • Reach out to local online communities to build dialogue and trust
  • Engage with target markets and establish brand awareness throughout key markets
  • Drive call-to-action campaigns to specific demographics/clientele
  • Track all online metrics and analytics
  • Continually review social media applications
  • Ensure the global vision is localized in key markets
  • Engage customers to platforms and member portals
  • Regular postings with key messaging across all key market social platforms
  • Continually research industry leaders in select sectors to excel in targeting specific demographics
  • Maintain up-to-the-minute industry trends and social media marketing tactics
  • Continually research and refine targeted groups of Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s)
  • Consistently post and showcase member content and services across international social media marketing platforms at prime times in local key markets
  • Assist in driving sales for members
  • Initiate client responses and commenting
  • Generate leads for members
  • Promote ‘gateway’ marketing opportunities on international platforms through numerous ‘touch-points’
  • Translate key messaging for key market languages
  • Create both online and word-of-mouth referrals
  • Receive direct feedback from clients and future potential clients
  • Engage online communities to build trust, expand brand recognition and increase traffic to members
  • Target affluent international individuals and families in select key markets

email Email Marketing

  • Connect with over one million top-producing and award-winning real estate professionals around the world
  • Track all metrics and analytics
  • Send targeted messaging to select groups
  • Encourage membership which further expands internal affiliate and luxury lifestyle connectivity
  • Write professional emails with strategic subject lines, copywriting and translation
  • Target groups of clients and members with campaign key messaging
  • Utilize professionally designed templates
  • Track industry best practices for deliverability and click-through rates
  • Test distribution and report click-through rates to recipients
  • Create customized email campaigns and regular newsletter campaigns

innovation Digital Strategy

  • SEO (refer to above)
  • Advertisement buying on key search engines
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Mobile marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Blogger endorsements
  • Social media campaigns
  • Digital magazines

events Offline Marketing

  • Attend select real estate and luxury lifestyle international conferences, conventions and property expos
  • Develop and purchase print advertising
  • Establish international trade missions
  • Attend member and client appreciation events
  • International voyages to key markets for launched ventures
  • Editorial coverage
  • Media mentions
  • PR campaigns
  • Build word-of-mouth referrals
  • Connect with affiliates and luxury lifestyle companies
  • Cross-pollinate member networks and encourage collaboration between sectors on a global basis

consulting Consulting, Project Management, Design Services and Translation Services

  • Consulting services
  • Project management
  • Professional design services
  • Professional translation services
  • Bespoke marketing campaigns and or strategies
  • Comparing your offering with competitors to determine best options
  • Custom-designed logos/personal branding
  • Setting up of local and international social media platform(s)
  • Website design and project management services
  • Specialized email campaign opportunities
  • Additional social media campaign(s) strategies
  • Advertising opportunities on both the front and backend of the international marketing platforms
  • Referral agreement opportunities across multiple platforms/key markets

advertising Advertising, Custom Campaign Opportunities and ‘Approved Supplier’ Opportunities

Please feel free to contact Legacy Luxury Lifestyle to discuss potential additional advertising and custom campaign opportunities as well as approved supplier referral agreement opportunities.