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  • Russia is the fifth largest economy in the world
  • Russia has Europe’s largest internet audience
  • There is approximately 84 million internet users in Russia (representing 59.27% of the country’s population) according to Internet World Stats
  • According to comScore data, Russians are one of the most avid social media users in the world. At 9.8 hours per month, they spend more than twice as much time using social media than the global average
  • Yandex is by far the most popular search engine in Russia and as the country’s top internet destination it is set as a homepage for more than 40 percent of Russian browsers
  • Russian real estate transaction market is expected to increase making it a very popular investment interest for other European countries
  • vKontakte, Russia’s number one social media platform, has approximately 24 million active users compared to the number of Russian Facebook users which only equates to 10.7 million
  • Forbes magazine has calculated that Russia ranks second in the number of billionaires behind United States, and Moscow has become the world capital of billionaires (79) ahead of New York (58)
  • Russians constitute a third of all foreign investors in the London property market. Over the past 10 years, the number of British visas given to Russians has increased eight fold.
  • Given the political climate in Russia, the amount of capital flight is expected to quadruple over the next few years which will only increase the amount of wealth in select local markets such as London, Munich, Monaco, Cannes, Nice, St. Tropez, Cap Ferret and Miami
  • Internet penetration is about 52% in the whole country