corporation1 Exclusive Development Introduction

Position yourself at the forefront of the your industry by showcasing your development on this innovative platform in select key markets around the world.

  • Market your development internationally
  • Showcase your development and brand at the forefront of your industry
  • Display your development logo
  • Present development contact information
  • Specific key market contact information
  • Link to your development’s website
  • Direct inquiry form linked to your email
  • Showcase international social media platforms
  • Access professional translation services
  • Ability to design custom content introduction page
  • Unlimited upload of widescreen development images
  • Ability to manage your tabs and customize your portal placement in member directories
  • Image enhancement functionality
  • Authorized use of the key market logos

Your Custom Features Tabs

Differentiate your development on a global scale by presenting your unique value proposition to members and international clients.

  • Fully customizable features tab allowing your development to showcase their own unique content and imagery
  • Optional professional translation services offered for custom tabs
  • Showcase unlimited development features ranging from building amenities, finishings and appliances

corporation4 Your Development Media Tab

Engage with members and international audiences by providing a comprehensive media experience.

  • Present all of your valuable multimedia assets in one design savvy and user-friendly tab
  • Ability to upload unlimited feature sheets, virtual tours, videos, commercials and brochures

Your Floor Plan Tab

Provide a specialize tab for housing all of your development’s floor plans

  • Upload unlimited number of floor plans
  • Allow international clients to download and print individual floor plans

corporation1 Your Unique Location Mapping Tab

Localize your developments by providing a map view of the location of your development and the community.

  • Upload location description and community profile
  • Custom location pin with development branding
  • Image enhancement for your custom location pin
  • Adjustable location pin functionality so that you may show the exact location of your development
  • Map search zoom in capability

Your Development Connection

Connect with your other exclusive development portals and showcase them in your developments directory.

  • Select your key development portals from around the globe as well as have your development(s) showcased on other member’s portals

corporation4 Your Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Connections

Reach out to your network at the upper-tier and position yourself as the expert in your region. Connect with luxury lifestyle oriented members and provide your clients with the highest level of service and luxury lifestyle experiences.

  • Select exclusive luxury lifestyle member companies for your portal
  • Showcase your luxury lifestyle connections by type and location dynamically
  • Establish a trusted global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Create your international luxury lifestyle directory
  • Provide international clients with luxury lifestyle connections and experiences
  • Encourage local businesses to become members so that your development may localize the luxury lifestyle surrounding your development
  • Integrate cross-promotional marketing opportunities with members

Your Professional Affiliates Network

Exceed international clients’ expectations by providing the most comprehensive level of service and expert advice through your trusted affiliates.

  • Build your respected team of industry experts
  • Showcase your professional connections dynamically by type and location
  • Create internal alliances with affiliate members from your company and increase your company’s overall global reach
  • Expand your global referral network
  • Create international partnership opportunities
  • Showcase yourself at the centre of your connections
  • Connect with affiliate members around the globe and encourage them to not only showcase your development portal on their microsite but promote your development to their network of clients
  • Engage with real estate agents and brokerages so that they are aware of your development and pre-sale opportunities